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Dr. Nancy Bruns

Dr. Nancy J. Bruns

Dr. Bruns has been a member of the Pine Valley Veterinary Team since 1999.  In 2012, she joined Dr. Graham to become part owner of the practice.  She then assumed full ownership of the clinic in 2014 after Dr. Graham's passing.


She enjoys establishing relationships with clients so that they can actively participate in the decision making process regarding the health of their pets.  During her career as a veterinarian, she has developed a special interest in managing cancer patients.


Dr. Bruns enjoys a busy lifestyle balancing her career and family, which consists of her husband, Mark, and their 4 children, Alex, Andy, Ethan, and Emily. In her free time, she likes to go running with her dog, Daisy, who must also share the limelight with Gully, an English Springer Spaniel, and 4 cats, Henry, Gordy, Dru, and Zelda.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University 1993

Dr. Benjamin Ealing

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Dr. M Dennis Graham in Ultrasound

Dr. M. Dennis Graham

March 11, 1947-September 11, 2014


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Dr. M. Dennis Graham Thursday, September 11, 2014.


Education and Career

A graduate of Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Graham opened the doors of Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic in 1979. Prior to this, Dr. Graham proudly served in the USAF Veterinary Corps and practiced in St. Louis, Missouri and Rochester, New York prior to making his permanent home in Fort Wayne.

Dr. Graham always had an intense love for his profession and his patients. He practiced mainly in the areas of small animal general medicine and surgery, although he developed a strong love for and a professional interest in canine and feline cardiology.



Dr. Graham was a self-proclaimed "hosta-holic," as he dearly loved his garden at home with as many of these shade perennials as his yard would hold! He also enjoyed the scenery at his house, as he was the proud owner of many Koi and other goldfish varieties that reside in his Koi pond. He was also an avid lover of all things Purdue University. Dr. Graham attended many Purdue basketball and football games.



Dr. Graham leaves behind 4 children: 2 sons (Shaun and Brooke) and 2 daughters (Erika and Cotter). He and his wife, Abby, shared their home with their 2 dogs, Linnhe and Romeo.


Dr. Graham will certainly be missed by all who knew him.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University
Mary, Giggles, & Olive

Mary Osbun

Mary has been with the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic since the clinic opened in July of 1979.


Mary chooses to work in a "part-time" capacity most of the time.   A "road warrior," Mary travels thousands of miles a year to attend dog shows to exhibit her English Springer Spaniels.  Her success in the ring has included competing several times in the Westminster Dog Show.


Mary is an active member of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, and the Northestern Indiana Kennel Club.  She is an invaluable source of information on how to locate reputable breeders for purebred dogs.


Most recently, Mary has been showing her young dogs, Tracea, Olive and Giggles in Conformation as well as training in Agility and basic Obedience.

Office Manager

Active Member of:

  • Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club
  • English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association
  • Fort Wayne Obedience Training Club, Inc
Ann, Giggles, & Olive

Ann Underwood

Ann has made a career of veterinary medicine and has been an invaluable part of PVVC since January of 1990. 


She spent many years assisting in exam rooms and helping out in the back. While she can still be found doing these things from time to time, she can primarily be found in her office, hard at work as Pine Valley's Business Manager.


Ann and husband, Bay, have 3 cats, Decon, Damon, and Deion, and a black and white English Springer Spaniel, Devon. She also has a little black mouse, Trey, who resides in his condo in her office.

Business Manager

    Ann offers in-home pet sitting as a side practice, offering caring, compassionate care for your pets in your home!


Cindy Beard, RVT

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Manager, RVT

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Rita Koontz

Rita Koontz

Rita has a background in pharmaceutical sales, but due to her love of animals made a transition to the veterinary field and has worked in the front end for 13 years.


She retired in December 2015 and it lasted 10 weeks! She missed the interactions with the clients and their pets. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to re-enter the field part-time at Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic in March 2016.


Rita shares her home with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Max. She has two grown sons and two grandsons.


Rita enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and doing yoga.

She manages to keep herself very busy in her semi-retired state.

Jenna & Freyja

Jenna Janda, BGS

Jenna started in 2003 as a high school intern, and continued as a Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist for several years. The ever changing computer system has made her our in-house IT department. She eventually took on our diet inventory management and is very knowledgeable about the veterinary diets that we carry. As changes in technology has progressed, the IT part of her job has become more prominent, adding in Social Media and website management to her job. 


She married Nick in January of 2009. They only have four-legged children in their home: 2 cats, Morgana and Anubis, and 3 dogs, Loki and Flytish the rescue Pit Bulls, and Freyja, an American Staffordshire Terrier. They enjoy a number of family, outdoor activities with their dogs including: Jeeping, canoeing, camping, hiking, and running, having completed a number of 5Ks with and without the dogs as running partners. In recent years she has begun training in different canine sports with Flytish and now Freyja. They train and compete in AKC Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Conformation. 

Social Media Coordinator

  • Bachelor of General Studies, Minor of Dance, IPFW 2009

Emily Grant

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Head Receptionist

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Dori Meighan

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BJ Roth

BJ Roth

    BJ received a call from Pine Valley asking her to join the clinic in November 2020 as a part-time Receptionist. As the sister of Dr. Graham, she was happy to join the PVVC family. After she retired from accounting, she longed to enjoy a new profession, stating "While I enjoyed accounting, it didn't give me kisses!"

    In her new position, BJ enjoys speaking to all of the loving, caring owners and their pets. BJ has always had and loved pets. As a kid, Dr. Graham would often bring home animals from school for her to adopt. 

    Today, BJ lives with her adopted pit bull mix, CharLee, who is a real couch pit-tato. Now that she is retired, she is proud to be able to spend more time with her children and grandkids! 


Picture & info coming soon!

Tiffany & Olive

Tiffany Hass, BS, RVT

Tiffany joined the Pine Valley team in January 2013. She married her high school sweetheart, Josh, in June 2013, their daughters Brielle and Brooklyn have since joined the PVVC family.


Her four-legged children include Leilah, a beagle mix, and her cats Snickers, Maxie, Randall, and Bernard.


Tiffany loves watching NFL football, and is a dedicated Green Bay Packers fan. "Go, Pack, Go!" 


  • Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, Purdue University 2011
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, Purdue University 2012

Allayna Buzzard, RVT

Allayna joined the PVVC team as an extern from Brown Mackie College in July of 2015.  We liked her so much that we decided to keep her, and she was hired on full-time in September of 2015.  She then graduated from Brown Mackie and took her national board exam to become a Registered Veterinary Technician in December of 2015.


Prior to coming to Pine Valley, Allayna has worked in pet stores and grooming salons.


Allayna lives with her husband, Taylor, and their sons, Elias, Lucas, and Beckham.  She also shares her home with their three dogs Zeke, Leila, and Samson, and her cockatiel, Cleo.


Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, Brown Mackie College 2015


Ashley Jordan, BSAS, RVT

Ashley attended Purdue University where she received a  Bachelor's in Animal Science and an Associates in Veterinary Technology. She then moved to Indianapolis where she worked as a RVT for 8 years. She then returned to Fort Wayne and began working at the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic in May of 2017.


Ashley's combined love of animals and science lead her to working in Veterinary Medicine. As a valued member of our team, Ashley's duties include: collecting and running lab samples, monitoring animals under anesthesia, caring for hospitalized patients, assisting the veterinarians, taking radiographs, and client education, to name a few.


Ashley shares her home with her cat, Tickle. When she is not in our office, she enjoys a variety of outdoor adventures, reading, watching movies, and being crafty.


  • Bachelor's of Animal Science, Purdue University
  • Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, Purdue University
Erin & Tito

Erin Kohlmeier

Erin was with Pine Valley from 2007 until 2013, when she took a brief break from small animal medicine to work excusively with horses.  She missed Pine Valley and smaller critters, so she returned to us in 2015.  Erin is a Veterinary Assistant, assisting Dr. Schenkel with her clients and patients.  She has become a fixture in our exam rooms!


Erin is an avid equestrian.  She owns one horse, Tito, and they do Hunt Seat riding and jumping.  She also teaches English riding lessons at a local stable.


Erin shares her home with her dog, Sampson.


In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, spending time with family and friends and, playing with Sampson.

Veterinary Assistant

  • Bachelor of Science in Vet Med and Biology, Minor in Chemistry University of Findlay 2007
Kayla & Jazzy

Kayla Zink

Kayla moved to Fort Wayne at age 9 where she graduated from Snider High School. She then attended IPFW and Purdue University, graduating with a Bachelor's in Biology. Kayla has a big heart for animals and hopes to continue on to veterinary school to pursue a career helping animals and pet parents..


It is Kayla's responsibility to assist the doctors and technicians during various procedures and appointments, making sure they have what they need, when they need it.


Kayla shares her home with a variety of fur (and not fur) babies including her 5 cats; Scooby, Chloe, Princess, Ali and Madeline, and 2 turtles. She is frequently known to have a litter of foster kittens she is caring for until the are old enough to go to their fur-ever homes. When Kayla is not in our clinic she enjoys drawing, reading and gardening. Despite the fact that she works 3 jobs, she always manages to make time for all of her hobbies and animals.

Veterinary Assistant

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Purdue University 2015

Carissa Adrianson

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Veterinary Assistant

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Jack Harris

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Veterinary Assistant

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